30 Years of Stripes

Years ago as a young housewife, I wanted desperately to do something with my kitchen walls. Wallpaper was all the rage, but there was just no money to do that. What’s a girl to do?

Get creative of course!

Here I am painstakingly measuring and taping the walls…

Here is what it looked like when I was finished…

I was so proud of myself and my kitchen. I had a want and I figured out how to make myself happy without breaking the bank.

I was trying to think of other examples of when I used paint to add design to walls when I remembered my guest bath.

I have painted large 10 inch stripes on one wall in there. It works great. I found I couldn’t hang a picture on that wall because the door opens into it, but when you looked in the mirror it was really crying for something. So once again a little tape and some paint and I am a happy girl.

I love how all the white pops in this room. For some reason my counter top looks like it has some pink in it. I assure you that it doesn’t. The paint and the formica go together prefectly.

When you put the tape on, make sure you rub it down really good. You do not want to peel off the tape only to find that your paint had run under it causing a mess. Remember…it’s only paint..so if this does happen get out a small paint brush and touch it up.

Also make sure you peel the tape off before your paint dries or you will be peeling paint off along with the tape. And of course….use blue painters tape instead of masking tape…I don’t think they had invented that back when I did my kitchen.

If you have painted a design on your walls, please leave a link to the picture in the comments below…I would love to see it!



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7 responses to “30 Years of Stripes

  1. Emily Crawford

    I saw a trick on DIYnetwork recently for taping stripes on walls. You put the tape on the walls the way that you want it, and then paint over the tape with the color that is under the tape. When that dries, you can paint with your second color. If there is any bleeding, it will be the same color that is under the tape, so you will never notice! I cant wait to try it on one of the many many projects on my to do list!

  2. cool idea…let me know how it works

  3. Hi Dianne-

    I love stripes and laughed when I saw the photo of you back in the day. I did the same thing – in my dining room and in my daughter’s room. I remember after putting up all the tape – the next day my leg muscles were pretty sore from going up and down the ladder so much placing all the tape. I did it every 2 inches apart. It was worth it though. I think the horizontal stripes in your bath look fabulous – so modern and fresh.
    Thanks for linking up to the party and showing us your style.
    My best- Diane

  4. I just helped a friend paint a stripe in her sons room…it is lots of work but I love the look! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Virginia

    I painted vertical wide stripes as an accent wall in my daughters room. I used pink and a lighter pink mixed with glaze. It was well worth the hard work, it came out beautiful.
    I LOVE your bathroom stripes and Love the colors you used. Can you tell me what they are? I think I might try that in my kitchen to modernize it.

    • sorry…I almost ever end up using a “normal” color…I tend to mix colors a lot before I find just what I want. I did my daughters room once in three large strips once…pink on the bottom and then the next stripe a lighter version and then the top an even lighter version…it looked great

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