Small Bathroom Lover

As I work at drawing out the floor plans for my new home, I often search out decorating magizines and blogs for inspiration. The home I have now has a rather small master bathroom…8 foot by 6 foot …. I know that is small but it has all the things you NEED in a bathroom.

Right now very large master bathrooms are “IN” so I need to decide what I am going to do in my new house. My small one has worked for 23 years….but is now the time for change?

I found this bathroom in Elle Decor….it reminds me of that Cialis commercial…heheee.

Photo: Elle Decor

I think the tubs are beutiful but do I really want to clean two of them? NO!

Hehee…Mr. Amazing just looked over my shoulder and asked if those things at the end of the tub are soap on a rope. See why I love him? He makes me giggle.

Designers Reed and Delphine Krakoff’s expansive bath in their NYC home has a separate sitting area in front of a fireplace.(above)

This bathroom gave me the giggles too….”Dear…lets go in the bathroom and sit by the fire and talk”……I don’t see that happening…

I guess what it comes down to is…I don’t like cleaning bathrooms so why would I want to make it any bigger than I have to? Yep, I think the new house will be having a comfy cozy bathroom…without a fireplace and only one tub.


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