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From southern living

This is my dream sewing/craft room……

 Other than the chair (certainly we can do better than that) I love everything about it. I can see my fabrics stacked neatly in those glass cabinets ( that is how you know this is a dream..my fabric is never stacked neatly)

All my creative thoughts would be placed  on the bulletin board to inspire me.

I could place my sewing machine there by the window so I could watch the world go by as I sewed…

What you can’t see in this picture is a large counter height table to cut things out on ….maybe a plate of chocolate covered strawberries…I mean if I’m going to dream why not?

Hmmmmm..I love dreaming…

What would your dream room look like?



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2 responses to “Dreaming….

  1. Hi Dianne – with two “n”s

    Thanks for leaving me the comment about my staircase redo. Frogtape is the best. It costs about $6 a roll. The only thing wrong with it is that it comes in a palstic case that seem an unnecessary waste. Not very ecology “green”. 🙂
    I adore the craft sewing room photo from Southern Living. I love all the windows. I would never want to leave. I would want to dream and create all day long.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    My best- Diane

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