Moms Need to Be Creative

I was rummaging through the attic the other day and I came across this very old memory.

This is a guitar made by my third daughter. The two older girls made ones also…each one as unique as them.

When you are project people like us, you always have extra boards hanging around, so one summer we let each girl design and make themselves a guiter. Hours were spent not only planning the shape and style (daddy cut), but also sanding and painting.

Rubber bands were strung between some very small nails. And of course a strap…which was just staple gunned on.

This was long before Guitar Hero or any of those games, but I would venture to say they had just as much fun.

So if any of you are running out of ideas for what to do with your snowed in children, let me give a few more suggestions…

Get ping pong paddles and play ping pong on the floor…who needs a table?

Learn how to fold napkins and have a tea party.

Grab a bottle and a clothes pin and play drop the clothes pin in the bottle…I know right now a whole lot of you are wondering just what a clothes pin is… ok…just use a ink will work too.

Decorate the house for a snow party…make snow flakes out of remember how to do this…just fold the paper and cut.

I hope some of these things helped stir your creative juices. Hang in there moms…trust me…someday you will look back on these days and smile…just as I am doing now.

Do you have any “snow day” activity ideas to share?



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2 responses to “Moms Need to Be Creative

  1. Holly

    I don’t think I’ve ever even seen this picture of us!! Callie sent me the link and this couldn’t be any cuter- especially how I’m admiring Tabitha’s singing skills! I definitely remember those guitars and many other homemade crafts!

  2. I know!!! It makes me smile just looking at you two..Love you…

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