Feel the Love

I went to my first wedding of the year the other day and I just had to tell you how much weddings make me smile. I love everything about them.

I even love wrapping the gift that I take. This is strange since I hate wrapping and where every year I think I am going to learn to love wrapping each and every gift I give …I don’t. More times than not I run at the last minute into my stash of used gift bags and stuff the gift inside….hoping they won’t notice I am using a Happy Birthday bag for housewarming gift.

But weddings are different…I’m not sure why but I want my gift to be beautiful both inside and out. I imagine the bride smiling as she sees it…once again helping her to feel special during this very special time.

How do I do it…it’s easy….use real ribbon. You know what I mean…the stuff your mom would use to tie in your hair. There is something about real ribbon that just makes it not only look special, but feel special.

I also like to add a fresh flower to the top of the gift. I usally just go around the neighborhood and see what I can find to clip. Once again…so much better than a smashed bow that has been used over and over…hmmm guess you can use a new bow but that never seems like an option at my house.

The other thing that I always try to do when it comes to wedding gifts…..put the card inside the gift. Gifts can often be moved around a lot at a wedding but many different people….your bride and groom will love you for your thoughtfulness of making their lives easier.

What are your gift wrapping tips?


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