Cupcakes With a Lot of Heart

When I saw these cupcakes featured on Alison’s Wonder Scraporium I got so excited. After being a “Room Mom” for almost 25 years now, it takes a lot to excite me…but I really wanted to make these for my daughter’s school Valentine’s Day party. Aren’t they cute?


But of course I never want to do things the way I am told…that is when my troubles began.

The directions clearly gave a cake recipe to make but I said…why? I have a cake mix…

I mixed up the cake mix. I tried to guess on how much I was suppose to set aside…I under estemated this…and added some red food dye…a little more than I meant to but that was okay…to the rest of it.

I baked the red mix…let it cool and then proceeded to use my cookie cutter to make the hearts..

Oops…the cutter was too big…hmmm…time to punt…I would have to cut small hearts out by hand.

This worked well…except remember all that cake mix that I made red because I thought I was going to be making large hearts? Hmmm…

I took the little bit of cake mix that wasn’t made red and put it in the cupcake papers. I put the heart down into the mix. I then was supposed to have enough to add just a bit to cover the top of the hearts…

Hmmm. Problem…I was out of mix…

No problem. I sent Mr. Amazing to the store to buy more…more Vanilla mix…

You guessed it…he bought “white” cake mix. He thought Vanilla was white..

Oh well. At this point it was just going to have to work…

One important thing that was mentioned in the directions was to keep track of the orientation of the heart…it is important so my daughter and I closly kept track as we set each one to cool…

Problem…Mr. Amazing didn’t know this important tip. When he went into the kitchen while they were cooling,  he moved them…oops.

With all of that they turned out pretty well. By the way, it is important to put conversation hearts on top..this encourages people to turn the cupcake the right direction so when they take a bite they can see the heart…

Pretty cool, huh? I was thinking that these could be done any time of year with a blue or pink heart inside to anounce if you are expecting a boy or girl…

Have you ever tried to make cupcakes like these? How did they turn out?



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4 responses to “Cupcakes With a Lot of Heart

  1. Your’s turned out really cute! I love the idea of using it as a gender reveal.

  2. You are to kind…I should have taken a picture of the kitchen when I was done..Let’s just say I’m a full kitchen cook.

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