Funny how no matter how old you get or how many times you do something you can still have one of those “duhhhhh” moments.

The other day it was cold at our house….well, we live in Florida so that is a relative statement….but it was cold for us. Mr. Amazing had a lot of things on his project list to do but it was a bit cold to pressure clean the driveway and everyone knows you can’t paint outside when it is cold so he decided to move to some inside projects.

Why not paint inside????

So he got his paint from the garage….the cold garage…I might add and started painting…

As it turns out cold paint doesn’t cover very well….

You can’t tell very well in this picture but the paint job came out very blotchy…what should have covered easy with one coast of paint required two.

No real damage was done and another lesson learned…when the weatherman says it is going to be cold tomorrow…bring your paint in the house to warm up over night before you paint.

What is your latest home improvement “oops”?


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