What?! No Headboard?

My teenage daughter hates the idea of having a headboard.

I don’t understand…not having a headboard on a bed drives me crazy. But I also know this is probably one of those times when people would tell me…”pick your battles.”

I have to confess to you… that is easier said than done. I was determined to find something that we could both agree on.

Then I found these frames at Home Goods in the clearance section…my favorite part of the store…for only $3.00 each. I bought all five of them.

My daughter is quite the athlete so I decided to put a picture of her in each one doing different sports. Basketball…soccer…snow skiing…etc.

I then decided to hang them in a staight line…high enough so she could still sit leaning against the wall and yet low enough to not look like we had stepped into the land of the giants.

The frames are 9 and half inches square and I decided to hang them 6  inches apart from each other. This was close enough to make them look like they belonged together but not so close that it would become obvious if one became crooked. Remember, this is a teen’s room and none of us really knows what goes on in there when the door is closed.

She came home and loved it…..yay me!!!!!!!

Even though I would still love to have a headboard….for $15.00….I have a solution that we can both live with.

Do you have a non-traditional “headboard” over your bed? Tell me about it!


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7 responses to “What?! No Headboard?

  1. I have a traditional headboard and footboard…but my husband hates the footboard! I love the colors in your daughter’s room – very calming. Beautiful bed linens!

  2. Thanks…the bedding is from HomeGoods…I think all husbands hate footboards…

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    Aw, I love her room! We just recently got a headboard, but only because it was given to us. I really like how the headboard looks, but I could take it or leave it. I certainly would not pay hundreds of $$ for one. We actually just painted the one in our guest room white. It really gave the room a much “beachier” feel!

  4. I think this looks adorable and, since you’ve compromised in this area, you’ve got some decorating leverage with your daughter for later!

  5. What great finds! I love your style.

    from Trash to Treasure Decorating

  6. I have something very similar on the wall above my bed! A row of framed prints, instead of photos. I got those simple wood frames from Ikea and painted them to match my bedroom. I have allergies and so a headboard would just collect dust and making breathing difficult. I don’t miss a headboard at all!

  7. I did something very similar recently! Yours turned out great 🙂 I’m glad she liked it! Cute frames by the way.

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