Help, I’m Addicted…

I am addicted to the color blue. Not so much in clothes but in everything else. Blue lamps…blue towels…blue pillows…blue fabric …blue dishes…you name it…if a store has something blue in it, my eye will be drawn right to it. My favorite thrift store has even started grouping all their blue things together…I swear it’s a conspiracy to try to get me to buy more.

The problem I have is I don’t like rooms that look like they had a blue paint can dropped on them.

This is where you are probably going to stop reading my blog …but here goes…

This is a room that was featured in Coastal Living…and even though it is blue…I don’t like it.

Lightning flashes….I run for cover….

I think if you love a color then you need to give that color a back drop to show off. In this picture I see a lot of blue but I don’t see the beauty of the blue items.

This is my bedroom…please excuse the dying plant…

See how I have taken the blue and splashed it around the room?

Each beautiful blue piece gets a chance to tell it’s own story instead of just being part of a blue room…If you look close you will see that we even have blue Bibles…I told you I was addicted..

What is your favorite color? How have you showed it off best?


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3 responses to “Help, I’m Addicted…

  1. You’ve done a wonderful job with your blues.. very calming and elegant.
    Me? I’m addicted to RED… I drive it, wear it, paint walls and furniture with it,our shed and hen house are red too. I LOVE IT! I’m wearing it now…
    If you come to my blog, you’ll see it splattered every where!
    Love this!

  2. I don’t like the Coastal Living room either – I think for me it’s the curtains & the big blue pillows. They’re just sort of like overkill! I like how your room has blue accents, but not giant blue pieces begging for attention!

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    I agree with Theresa. I couldn’t figure out what was so ugly about the coastal living room.. But those pieces are just BAM! in your face.nothing subtle about them, and they just don’t go in that room. The pillows are the worst. The blue striped chairs are nice, but those pillows are over kill, they should have left those out.

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