What?! No Headboard?

My teenage daughter hates the idea of having a headboard.

I don’t understand…not having a headboard on a bed drives me crazy. But I also know this is probably one of those times when people would tell me…”pick your battles.”

I have to confess to you… that is easier said than done. I was determined to find something that we could both agree on.

Then I found these frames at Home Goods in the clearance section…my favorite part of the store…for only $3.00 each. I bought all five of them.

My daughter is quite the athlete so I decided to put a picture of her in each one doing different sports. Basketball…soccer…snow skiing…etc.

I then decided to hang them in a staight line…high enough so she could still sit leaning against the wall and yet low enough to not look like we had stepped into the land of the giants.

The frames are 9 and half inches square and I decided to hang them 6  inches apart from each other. This was close enough to make them look like they belonged together but not so close that it would become obvious if one became crooked. Remember, this is a teen’s room and none of us really knows what goes on in there when the door is closed.

She came home and loved it…..yay me!!!!!!!

Even though I would still love to have a headboard….for $15.00….I have a solution that we can both live with.

Do you have a non-traditional “headboard” over your bed? Tell me about it!



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Thankful Thursday

I am always seeing blogs with things like…”Wordless Wednesday”.

I am going to start Thankful Thursday.

I feel like I am a very thankful person…I have lots of big and little things in my life that I am so thankful for…the problem is I am really bad about sharing my thankfulness with others.

I always have great intentions, but as the saying goes, “We are known by our actions…not our intentions…”

Let me explain what has brought this to the forefront of my brain.

My daughter’s boss gave her tickets for a bunch of us “girls” to go to the Barry Manilow concert.

These weren’t just any tickets…these were like the best seats in the house tickets…

It was amazing…and the whole night I keep thinking …I have got to remember to send him a thank you note. Yes, I had thanked him in person…and yes, my daughter had thanked him but this really deserved a very personal thank you note.

Well, that was weeks ago and I had not even thought about that note until about 3:00 this morning…then the guilt started. I tried to think of some way that this could be my mother’s fault..no, we never outgrow that…then I just had to admit…I had blew it.

I wrote that note today…but it now included as many apologies as it does thank yous.

So here is what I am going to try to do from this moment on…

Thankful Thursday…every Thursday I am going to try to sit down and write a thank you note to someone…I will let you know how it goes…anyone want to join me?

Are you good about writing thank you notes? Any helpful hints on how to remember to do it?


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Time to Update the Front Door Trim…But How???

When we built our home, we wanted somewhat of a colonial look on the outside.  I thought that would be easy..all I had to do was buy one of those beautiful door surrounds and paint it white. What I didn’t realize was just how expensive those surrounds can be.

Once again, trying to make me happy, Mr. Amazing created me one out of pieces of woodwork nailed and glued together…if I remember right he used about six different types of boards to make this.

This is our daughter on her wedding day in front of the entry door to our home.

He was able to purchase all the lumber he needed at our local Home Depot, but the side boards were once again a bit expensive. Not willing to waiver on the design, he had to come up with a plan. He purchased plain 1×8 boards and decided to router the design himself.

Now many years later I am trying to make the house more  beach cottage looking than colonial and he is trying to make the house more maintenance free…

It was time to change the door molding.

He decided to go with a PVC product that requires very little care. The problem was the boards were just a bit plain looking for me.

We had no idea if the router would work on the PVC, but what did we have to lose?

It cut like butter…and better yet …needed no sanding.

This is our new…maintenance free…updated…door surround.

I am so excited…once again Mr. Amazing came through for me…

What do you think of the new design? Have you ever decorated with PVC?


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I Love My Button!

Button Button…who’s got the button?


If you haven’t noticed it yet, I now have a blog button on the right sidebar. Please feel free to grab the code and add my button to your site! (If you do add it, please leave your link in the comments below. I’d love to return the favor!)

I know many of you big time bloggers don’t understand my excitement, but something about having a blog button makes me feel like a “real blogger”.

I am very new at this blogging thing and I am just loving it. I have always loved writing down my thoughts and I have always loved projects so it is just the perfect place for it to all come together.

Now I need to figure out the age old questions…

How do I get other people to care about what I am writing?

How do I get other people to even know that I am out here?

And most important…how do I get over my addiction to the site stats?

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you…be kind though…I am fragile…


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Making a List and Checking It Twice…

My father was a hard worker…but he was not a project person. If a room was blue and it didn’t need painting, why would you ever even consider painting it yellow????

Me and my Dad, circa 1963?

For the most part my dear mother was okay with this. She just learned for the most part to do things herself but every once in a while I would hear her ask my father to do something on which he would always respond, “Put it on the list.”

It wasn’t until I was a teen that I wondered just where the list was. Of course there wasn’t one…it was my dad’s way of saying…I’ll get to it when I get to it.

I did not marry my father…my husband is always looking for something to do and it didn’t take long for us to realize that to keep peace in the family there needed to be a real life list.

Many times before the creation of the list, I would find him working on something like polishing the car when I was hoping to have the bathroom painted before my dinner party next week. He was working hard…on something that needed done but just not done right now. Soon tempers would flare…

Now we have a list…if something is really important and needs to be done right away for some reason then I put a star beside it.

My husband now finds great satisfaction when he can cross something off the list knowing he made his wife a happy camper…

Are you a list person? Is your spouse?


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Cupcakes With a Lot of Heart

When I saw these cupcakes featured on Alison’s Wonder Scraporium I got so excited. After being a “Room Mom” for almost 25 years now, it takes a lot to excite me…but I really wanted to make these for my daughter’s school Valentine’s Day party. Aren’t they cute?


But of course I never want to do things the way I am told…that is when my troubles began.

The directions clearly gave a cake recipe to make but I said…why? I have a cake mix…

I mixed up the cake mix. I tried to guess on how much I was suppose to set aside…I under estemated this…and added some red food dye…a little more than I meant to but that was okay…to the rest of it.

I baked the red mix…let it cool and then proceeded to use my cookie cutter to make the hearts..

Oops…the cutter was too big…hmmm…time to punt…I would have to cut small hearts out by hand.

This worked well…except remember all that cake mix that I made red because I thought I was going to be making large hearts? Hmmm…

I took the little bit of cake mix that wasn’t made red and put it in the cupcake papers. I put the heart down into the mix. I then was supposed to have enough to add just a bit to cover the top of the hearts…

Hmmm. Problem…I was out of mix…

No problem. I sent Mr. Amazing to the store to buy more…more Vanilla mix…

You guessed it…he bought “white” cake mix. He thought Vanilla was white..

Oh well. At this point it was just going to have to work…

One important thing that was mentioned in the directions was to keep track of the orientation of the heart…it is important so my daughter and I closly kept track as we set each one to cool…

Problem…Mr. Amazing didn’t know this important tip. When he went into the kitchen while they were cooling,  he moved them…oops.

With all of that they turned out pretty well. By the way, it is important to put conversation hearts on top..this encourages people to turn the cupcake the right direction so when they take a bite they can see the heart…

Pretty cool, huh? I was thinking that these could be done any time of year with a blue or pink heart inside to anounce if you are expecting a boy or girl…

Have you ever tried to make cupcakes like these? How did they turn out?


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Funny how no matter how old you get or how many times you do something you can still have one of those “duhhhhh” moments.

The other day it was cold at our house….well, we live in Florida so that is a relative statement….but it was cold for us. Mr. Amazing had a lot of things on his project list to do but it was a bit cold to pressure clean the driveway and everyone knows you can’t paint outside when it is cold so he decided to move to some inside projects.

Why not paint inside????

So he got his paint from the garage….the cold garage…I might add and started painting…

As it turns out cold paint doesn’t cover very well….

You can’t tell very well in this picture but the paint job came out very blotchy…what should have covered easy with one coast of paint required two.

No real damage was done and another lesson learned…when the weatherman says it is going to be cold tomorrow…bring your paint in the house to warm up over night before you paint.

What is your latest home improvement “oops”?

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