Time to Update the Front Door Trim…But How???

When we built our home, we wanted somewhat of a colonial look on the outside.  I thought that would be easy..all I had to do was buy one of those beautiful door surrounds and paint it white. What I didn’t realize was just how expensive those surrounds can be.

Once again, trying to make me happy, Mr. Amazing created me one out of pieces of woodwork nailed and glued together…if I remember right he used about six different types of boards to make this.

This is our daughter on her wedding day in front of the entry door to our home.

He was able to purchase all the lumber he needed at our local Home Depot, but the side boards were once again a bit expensive. Not willing to waiver on the design, he had to come up with a plan. He purchased plain 1×8 boards and decided to router the design himself.

Now many years later I am trying to make the house more  beach cottage looking than colonial and he is trying to make the house more maintenance free…

It was time to change the door molding.

He decided to go with a PVC product that requires very little care. The problem was the boards were just a bit plain looking for me.

We had no idea if the router would work on the PVC, but what did we have to lose?

It cut like butter…and better yet …needed no sanding.

This is our new…maintenance free…updated…door surround.

I am so excited…once again Mr. Amazing came through for me…

What do you think of the new design? Have you ever decorated with PVC?


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6 responses to “Time to Update the Front Door Trim…But How???

  1. Thanks for the idea~I am about to put some floor molding in my daughter’s closet- yes, the closet….a chandelier too! 😉

  2. It’s amazing what a little bit of work and creativity can do. It looks great!

  3. It looks good. A bit more modern. I like that. Jane

  4. I love the way your trim turned out! pvc? who’d a thunk?
    great job!

  5. I would have never thought you could put a router to work, on a piece of PVC. Clever!!!

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